Vision Statement

The Congregation Micah Religious School builds an integrated model of Jewish education, one which encourages and facilitates family involvement and lifelong learning. We embrace diversity of background as we seek to celebrate our common bonds of Jewish identity: intellectually, spiritually, and culturally. All values are taught from a liberal Jewish perspective; all decisions are made within the framework of Jewish tradition.

We seek to increase knowledge in the many disciplines of Jewish intellectual tradition: Hebrew, History, Social Justice, Tzedakah…with Torah as our anchor. We seek to strengthen the relevance of Judaism as the foundation of everyday living.

Students: Our students find delight in meaningful Jewish exploration in informal, yet structured classroom environments. Children are encouraged to seek knowledge in traditional (reading, writing, discussion, liturgical expression) and non-traditional (play, art, music, acting, and nature) realms. We strive for Jewish enrichment in the classroom, in the home, and in the world.

Faculty: Our teachers are all volunteers. With a child-centered focus, they embody professionalism, knowledge, dedication, commitment, enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, patience, and accountability. They share their time to ensure the continuation of Jewish growth and development, with their own Jewish education as a priority. Interaction with our rabbi is a part of every Religious School day.

Sanctity: Our Religious School home is a synagogue, a holy space. Our passion for liberal Judaism pervades our curriculum, celebrations, surroundings, behaviors, attitudes, and approaches. Sanctity at Micah is defined by living the sacred values we teach. We teach kindness, compassion, respect, accountability, truth, righteousness, intellectual searching, and integrity, and we feel compelled to see those values through to realization - in the classrooms, hallways, offices, sanctuary, chapel, cemetery, and playground.

We come together to celebrate the joys of Jewish observance, as we create a safe haven with limits and expectations for behavior and involvement.

[Video created by our Confirmation student, Jeffrey Malkofsky-Berger]

Guided by Education Director Julie Greenberg, Congregation Micah's Religious School is one of the most inviting features of the congregation. More than 200 students from pre-K through post-Confirmation participate in this exciting program with more than 40 volunteer teachers.

Classes range from: Jewish history, Torah study, Liturgy, Hebrew language, Jewish holidays, and Israel, to: arts, music, life cycle events, cooking, gardening, mitzvot, and Reform Judaism.

Important Notes:

  • School begins promptly at 9:30am... please arrive on time!

  • Bagel sales begin at 9 AM and benefit the 5778 CHAI Society trip.

  • Winter weather closings announced on Channels 2, 4, and 5.

  • For more information, please contact our Education Director, Julie Greenberg (615.377.9799).