Micah is a Kehillat Kedosha: a Holy Community, a “family of families.”

Throughout our epic journey as a people, we have been bound together by a Brit/Covenant – an enduring pact forged with God and affirmed in community. This covenantal relationship provides us with much:  friendship, love, and care; study, meaning, and a link to the transcendent. For a Covenant Community to flourish and grow, there must be sacred reciprocity. Our members give of themselves, making an emotional, spiritual, and financial investment in the whole. The quality and character of our congregational family depends on the involvement and commitment of its members. We invite you to join us on this important journey and link yourselves to this sacred task. 


For more information, contact us at 615.377.9799 or email Mindy at mindy@congregationmicah.org!