As a member of Congregation Micah you support our community in a variety of ways, but have you thought to include us in your will or estate plan?  By leaving a legacy, you can assure that the connection you feel for the Jewish community and our congregation will exist for future generations.

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A Promise for the future

Your participation in the community-wide LIFE & LEGACY program does not require a cash donation today. It is simply a promise for the future. A legacy commitment will enable you to:

·       Convey your commitment to being Jewish and the role Congregation Micah plays in your life

·       Set an example for your family and community

·       Impact Congregation Micah in the future in a way you may not be able to do today

·       Preserve the special qualities of the Congregation Micah community

·       Perpetuate the Jewish traditions you cherish

·       Express beliefs instilled in you by your parents and grandparents



All of us, regardless of age or wealth, have the ability to leave a legacy. Your legacy gift of any size can be customized and structured to fit your family’s needs, your financial situation, your dreams and your lifestyle.  You can choose to provide general support for the community or to designate your legacy for a particular area of interest.

The simplest methods of leaving a legacy are through a will or estate plan or by adding or changing a beneficiary designation on a retirement fund or life insurance policy. Your legacy commitment can be a percentage or a specific dollar amount.



We invite you to leave a legacy for the future generations of  Congregation Micah.

If you have already included a legacy gift to Congregation Micah in your will or estate plans or if you are just thinking about including Micah in your legacy plans and would like to learn more, please contact Micah Member and Past President Marjean Coddon at

The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.
— William James