Chavurah/Activities Overview

Micah Chavurah Groups are a way to provide our congregants with breakout groups based on interest, which enable them to become more active at Micah as well as the community at large

Each Chavurah is a small group of Micah members who come together to learn, to socialize and enjoy Jewish living with their families and friends. They study together, worship together, celebrate Jewish holidays together, and eat together. For many, the Charvurah is an extended family

Pack ‘n Play – Families with young kids (babies to about 5 years old) who want to get together for a variety “play dates” both at and away from Micah (splash parks, museums, zoo)

Micah Mixers – “New” people to Micah and/or Nashville who are looking to connect socially (which could range from outdoor activities, food/wine tasting, supper clubs, theater, etc.)

Chai Lifers – a group that was formed to bring together members who are empty nesters, boomers and/or active retirees in a social environment.  Activities include: pot luck dinners, theater and other cultural outings, restaurant excursions, lectures

Jew Are We? – a group for people interested in exploring more about Jewish culture and tradition, including: Torah study, Liturgy, and the historyand evolution of Judaism.

For more information, please contact our Membership Director, Ali Friedman Zola